Climate health resorts

Climate health resorts

Climatic recreation and recuperation

Climate resorts, or respiratory resorts, are the most recent addition in the traditional listing of spas and health resorts in Germany. What climate resorts may lack in history and tradition they more than make up for in rarity, in a global world of air pollution and climate change, serving as a role model for environmental protection.

The climate resort story is not so much tied to the discovery of a precious raw material such as thermal water or moor mud, but rather arose in the wake of new demands on our environment. When it became clear that a polluted climate can cause illness - through airborne toxins or allergens - a healthy climate became increasingly unique and important.

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A recuperative climate is a fundamental prerequisite for all spa and health resorts in Germany. However, because respiratory therapy is used as a traditional remedial treatment in a climate resort, particularly strict criteria apply here:

  • A remedial climate resort must have a bio-climate that has been proven therapeutic by experience and science.
  • A medico-meteorological assessment confirms that the influence of climate conditions and air quality have a therapeutic effect.
  • The German Bureau of Meteorology regularly issues a bio-climate and air quality report to confirm compliance with quality standards.
  • Resort guests and therapists can determine existing natural climate stimuli dosage for individual needs based on up-to-date meteorological data from the German Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Recuperative facilities such as a relaxation room, air pavilion or lawn areas are available.
  • Environmental protection is a priority - thanks to consistent traffic calming, many no smoking areas, coordinated town planning and forestry programs, the needs of nature and mankind remain in harmony. 

In addition, regular particle dust measurements further guarantee the quality of the air you breathe in every climate resort.

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