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As beautiful as the aim and purpose of today's concept of wellness services may be, its meaning is often as general and diluted as its treatments. The idea of Wellness is sold in a muesli bar or a body lotion, when it should actually be a rejuvenating deep-tissue massage applied by a qualified physiotherapist.

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Keeping a proper perspective in this 'wellness jungle' is thus not always easy.  To help you select a quality wellness service, especially in the areas of holiday spa treatments and wellness travel packages, the German Spa Association has developed the quality seal Wellness im Kurort - Resort Wellness Services - specifically for wellness services that are offered at a spa or health resort in Germany. Where this symbol of quality is displayed you can be assured that you'll be offered a top-quality wholistic health program - similar to traditional non-residential resort treatments - with strict quality service criteria that only an accredited resort can meet.

All resorts that have been awarded the Wellness im Kurort seal of approval provide superior wellness services for your health and wellbeing - they have met or surpassed the following quality criteria:

  • Comprehensive medical and therapeutic expertise focused on prevention and health promotion.
  • Nationally accredited quality features - natural remedies obtained from earth, sea, or the climate, as well as Kneipp treatments.
  • Proven concepts of traditional spa culture.
  • Superior quality of service.
  • Resort town infrastructure that is a health tourism centre of excellence.
  • Highest levels of individual options available.
  • Cultural activities in a sophisticated resort atmosphere.
  • Appealing landscape and environment.
  • Settings for social interaction and communication.
  • Positive living and experiencing, sensuality and enjoyment, vitality and lifestyle!

Look out for our quality seal of approval in your selection and trust our quality-tested wellness services at all spas and health resorts in Germany!

Whether in the mountains, by the sea or in the countryside – you’ll find spas and health resorts right throughout Germany. Since resort therapy is based primarily on natural local remedies, Germany offers a wide variety of health resorts to choose from.

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As anticipation and excitement about your upcoming health holiday builds, there are just a few things you need to do before you take off and relax. Follow our helpful hints and you’ll not forget anything important.

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